Thursday, September 27, 2007

This Took Some Serious Work!

My friend Tammy Higgins brought over the following photos of a project that she and Amber Downs worked on for a co-worker that was getting married. What a beautiful gift! Check it out! Who wouldn't want to receive this! These are pages out of a completed book (top middle photo) that the couple can add their own photos to. The back page is the longest, and they stack with each page just a bit shorter. You'll want to click on each one to see the detail. These aren't even all of the pages! If I remember right Tammy said it took a couple of weeks to complete. I'm so thankful that she shared with us and I had yet another night off.

This last week I've had something big going on every single night so those that are sharing are truly blessing me! We are leaving town tomorrow morning to go to Jim's cousin's wedding and I'm hoping that I'll have internet access on the nights I'm away from home. I'm taking the laptop for sure! If you don't find me posting this weekend, you'll know what happened.

I do plan on doing the suggestions given to me a few posts back. Time has been a small constraint so look for them in the future. Also, I just wanted to remind you that we're nearing the end of the month and I'll be doing the drawing for the new paper trimmer. All you have to do is post a comment at this point! You can also e-mail an art share to me and it'll count for getting your name in the drawing even if I don't post it until next month. You've all been so kind in your encouragement to me throughout the month. I couldn't have done it without knowing that you were out there checking in with me.

You are Close To My Heart,


:) Missa said...

Hey! I have an anniversary coming up, do you think you could get Amber and Tammy to make a book for me? hehehe Nice job, ladies!

Christa said...

I love the pocket page and the ribbon in georgeous! I think the couple will love all the pages.

Lindsay Green said...

What an amazing gift that'll make!!
I'm working on an anniversary album for my boyfriend right now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, ladies! So sorry to say, no to your request, working on 2 baby books for friends. One of my friends said she never gives away stuff...but it sure is nice to hear how others like to receive it. Wow...what praise!

Tammy H.

Rachel said...

I am the extremely proud recipient of this gorgeous work of art!! It is by far the most special and personal gift we received. It will be such fun to fill with our photos and momentos and we will treasure it always. What incredible talent! It takes a very special friend to put in that much time but it will bring us joy every time we look through it or share it with others. I jokingly told Tammy that we will need a heavy duty safe to transport it anywhere! :)