Saturday, September 1, 2007

September is National Stamping Month

Close To My Heart has gone through all the steps to make September an official stamping month! To celebrate I will be posting a new piece of artwork every day so make sure to check back daily. In addition I will be giving away this paper trimmer at the end of the month ! Here are some ways you can get your name in the drawing to receive it.
  • Refer someone to subscribe to my blog. Your referral needs to e-mail me with your name. If you have not subscribed yet, you can be your own referral.

  • Send a piece of Close To My Heart artwork to me via e-mail or snail mail (E-mail me privately for my address). All artwork submitted will get the artist's name in the drawing. I will choose some to post on my blog too (with your permission of course and credit given to you). Sending in artwork will get your name in the drawing 5 times!

  • Make a comment on artwork posted...especially if I post another artist's work (one comment per artwork entry please). To leave a comment, just click the word "comment" under the post.

Ready to play? Let the games begin!

You are Close to My Heart,


p.s. CTMH has their own prize contests going on so you might want to check them out!


jodene said...

Hi I just subrscibed. Was not refered by anyone.

Nickalli said...

Only one comment before me?? Wow, I thought you'd have a TON - well, goodie - now my chances are better!!! Another brilliant Stacy card - love the playful petals! Just ordered one for myself - this may not be good for the ole bank acct. :0)