Monday, September 24, 2007

We're Switching Gears!

My honey has a cousin getting married this weekend so I thought I'd better get busy and make them a card. This also means we'll be out of town for a couple of days which will make blogging a bit tricky, but I'm bound and determined to finish this out :0) I'm almost done with my challenge.

This is a tunnel card and it's actually pretty easy. It'll probably show up at workshop sometime so be on the lookout. I'm not totally happy with it because the perfectionist in me wants there to be no white showing when it's open and truly if you held it to look at it, it looks pretty good. I just noticed that it's not totally perfect, but oh well...

This is Cranberry and Black. I used my Coluzzle to get the two circles and there's no waste because what I cut out of the center, I used on the front. The stamp sets are "Love You" for the hearts and a stamp from "Adorable Backgrounds" for the swirly...I love that stamp! The message in the middle comes from the "My One and Only" set.

Ok, at this point I'm taking requests for cards. What type of card do you want to see? This one is for Caroline (hi friend!) who also has a wedding to go to.

You are Close To My Heart,


Ann said...

OK, you asked. I would love to see a baptism card, as my daughter will be baptized this Sunday.

I know how creative you are and I think little 3x3 cards to put in kids' and spouse's lunches would be terrific.

And last, is it too early to think about Christmas? How about Thanksgiving place cards that kids could make?

Love ya,

Denise... said...

This is wonderful! How about a tutorial?

Lindsay Green said...

These 2 are definitely among my favourites out of all of them! I really like them!

Cards I would like to see... I agree with Christmas cards, I'll be starting mine soon & can always use some inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this Yvonne! Can we make this one at a card party sometime?

I'm sending my first big project to you today. I hope you like it.

Tammy H.