Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just Scraps

I decided that before I cleaned up my layout mess I would see what I could create with just the scraps and stuff on my table. Here's a 3x3 card, a bag topper and a bookmark. Those that know me, know that I rarely throw away any paper. It has to be realllllly small before I get rid of it. For example, that little message piece on the bookmark was just 1 x 1/4 and that little "for you" strip on the little card is only 3/8 x 3. Also, I'm pretty sure that if you peel up the leaves on the card you'll see an elephant on the back from the birthday card in a previous post.

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Ok, I'd better finish picking up my mess. I still need to cut paper for tomorrow night's workshop.

You are Close To My Heart,


Lindsay Green said...

WOW! I keep my scraps, but not ones that small. You're definitely an inspiration!

Tressa said...

How awsome are those?! I love the colors. I too keep the tiny pieces of paper, never know how you can use them. Love your work

Sherry said...

Love what you can do with little scraps!! Keep sharing, you are kicking my creative juices into high gear!!

Lisa L. Floyd said...

Very nice! Love the color blends on those leaves.