Sunday, September 9, 2007

Here's Half of a Layout

Well, I have half of the layout done so I thought I'd go ahead and share. I'm using the new Imagine book and this layout is called Swing Rhythm. It's a pretty easy layout to copy because the example in the book is a fall layout too. I am adding my own touches to it to better suit a workshop setting.

The stamp set I'm using is called "Autumn Splendor", however the message is from the set called "Summer's Wave". To do the leaves section I first used Bamboo and Goldrush stamp pads to do a direct to paper color wash. Then I started with the biggest leaf and the lightest color and did a random stamping. I work from lightest to darkest in the color scheme and biggest to smallest with the leaves. It gives it a layering effect. The trick will be to make the other side look the same because normally I would do them at the same time. Tomorrow I will try to remember to post all of the colors I used.

It's a busy day tomorrow so hopefully the second half goes together quickly while the kiddos are at school :0)

You are Close To My Heart,


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I love this one. It is beautiful Yvonne. I've got to try that. Julie Johnson

Sherry said...

Yvonne this is absolutely stunning! I will be lifting this for a future page. TFS!

Lindsay Green said...

I cant wait to see this one finished, it looks awesome!