Saturday, September 8, 2007

Another Fall Card

Well, it's almost 8:45 and I don't have my art for today finished. "Why?" you might ask... Well, for starters, I had two little helpers all day a chatterbox (nonstop to the point that you cannot hear yourself think) and the other...well, let's just say his potty habits today were a lot less than desirable. It was not a good day in that department. Plus, it rained the entire day so there was no break other than the naps they took. I know, I could have thrown something together then, but I was so wiped out I thought I'd better sleep so I could keep up with them this afternoon!

So, I reached into my photobucket and came out with this card. For those of you that regularly attend workshops, I apologize that this is not new art to look at. Trust's art would be made with crayon if I posted it LOL. I know this is called a buckle card and I know that the message is from the "Summer's Wave" set and I assume the leaves are too, but other than that, my brain is too much like jello to know much more about it LOL.

I am working on a layout so I hope to be able to post that tomorrow or Monday. Don't forget the contest that I am doing. Check it out here if you're just joining us. It's so easy to participate.

You are Close To My Heart,

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Lindsay Green said...

It's new to me!
I love the colour scheme.