Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Work In Progress

I'm slowly trying to get back into the blogging scene. I do miss it. For now, I've changed my background and blog name (here's hoping it's not a name that's already taken!) I'm assuming that I'll need to change my blog address as well. It will be when I do. If you can't find me then you'll know why :0)

For now though, hubby is wanting my tax stuff done, so first things first. I'd better get cracking. I'll reward myself with some stamping time when it's done and I'll try to make time to share it here.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It has come to my attention that I am using a copyrighted name for my blog. It was totally unintentional and I apologize to the affected company. As you know, if you still stop by, that it's been over a year since my last post. I'm still stamping and someday will get back into blogging. Right now my life is filled with kids, two of them semi special needs...high maintenance for sure. It is truly my intention to begin sharing my artwork with you in the future. As it looks like now, I need to come up with a new name. So what do you think? What should I call this spot on the web? Thank you in advance for your suggestions :0) I'm too tired to give it thought right now.

Much love,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Someone's Birthday!

It's my bestest sistah friend Stacy's birthday today (click here to give her some love by commenting on her CUTE card!) I created this little circle card just for her and I can't wait to give it to her. I also have some other fun goodies for her, but I won't post because she sometimes checks my blog and I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!

Shopping list:

Z1352 Colonial White circle cards (12 cards and 12 envelopes)
D1470 Dreams Come True
C1257 Happy Birthday
X5812 Wings Creative Basics
Z1333 Mocha Opaques Adhesive Gems
Z134 Prisma Glitter
Z1151 Foam Tape
Z2111 Chocolate Ink Pad
Z2165 Junper Ink Pad
Sheer Ribbon

Oh and just for fun, here's a shot of my work table after making this card. It's really what it looks like everytime I make a card. I'm a good stamper though. I always clean up my mess for the next card. Nothing frustrates me more than digging to find stuff. LOL

Soooo, want to make this card? Sign up for my workshop this month (in the left margin) and come have fun with us girls!

You are Close to My Heart,

Monday, February 7, 2011

BFF Stamping Day

Today was the perfect day for a BFF stamping day. Stacy and I started out by having lunch at the local diner and then ended up back at my house for an afternoon of some serious crafting. My 9 1/2' table was engulfed entirely with our stuff. What do we have to show for it? Well, she made a really cute Valentine card shown {here} and I made this card which in my opinion is just so-so but there's always tomorrow, right? No wonder my husband questions the cost effectiveness of this hobby LOL.

Supplies used:

X5812 Creative Basics Wings Collection
Z1081 Colonial White Waxy Flax
Z1358 Basic Assortment Buttons
Z1383 Wide Sweet Leaf Ribbon
D1470 Dreams Come True
D1476 Card Chatter Sympathy
X5643 Chocolate Cardstock
1388 Colonial White Cardstock

You Are Close to My Heart,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can I Re-Join the Blogger World?

Hello? Anyone out there? I know it's been forever since I've posted. I really have no excuse...well, ok maybe a couple...

1. I have started to work full time...although I had quit before that...

2. I didn't have any mojo for a loooonnngggg time. Not sure if I do yet, but I'm going to at least try.

3. My kids always have the computer.

4. Ok, I have no excuse...

So here's something I made not too long ago. I used the new Miracle papers in the current Spring/Summer Idea book. This paper pack will be the focus of my February workshops. I'm anxiously awaiting the sound of the UPS tires tomorrow (weather permitting since I live in the land of dumped upon amounts of snow). If you are in the area and haven't signed up for the next workshop, you can do so by clicking on the icon to the left and prepaying for the workshop. If you need directions, contact me and I'll get you here.

One thing you will want to note is that I'm cleaning out my stamp room and I will be having a HUGE SALE on February 26th @ 2:00. It's your chance to pick up some good deals on gently used stamps and supplies. There is just so much in the new catalog that I want to show you so this will help me purchase current stuff. I hope to see you there.

You are Close to My Heart,


p.s. Sorry the lighting is so bad on my photos. I'll do better next time.