Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Love This Set...Another Playful Petals Card

Here's another Playful Petals card. There are lots of different designs for the petals, but I chose to stick with the same one for this card. I also used a couple of stamps from a new set called Sensational Seals. There are lots of versatile messages and they're the perfect addition to cards or scrapbook pages. I used a foam square to make the Seal 3-D. The base of this card is Crystal Blue and the background paper is from the Caprice paper pack. I love stripes! I finished it off with some ribbons and brads. Pretty simple, but that's me. I promise I'll put flowers away one of these days and get on to fall.

On another topic...The link that says "Close To My Heart Color Combinations" (in the left bar) is not working right now because the lab that hosts the site got hit with the storms that are raking the Midwest these days and the power is out. It'll be back soon, I'm sure.

You are Close To My Heart,

Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Stacy Card--Thanks friend!

I wish I could get a better picture of this card. Stacy used the Love Flourishes set with the little flower from Celebrate Life. She inked the flourish stamp in a Versamark pad first and then over to sweet leaf. After stamping it she poured clear embossing powder on it and heat set it. The flourishes are shiny in person. The sentiment "friendship" was done the same way using Lilac Mist. The whole thing was stamped on sweet leaf paper and mounted on a chocolate base. Then she made the cute corner using paper from the Life Delights paper pack. The finishing touch was the chocolate bow and glitter in all of the flower centers. If you were to ask Stacy why she got new stuff early, she'd just tell you that she has "people". I keep telling her that she could just sign up and do this with me! What do you guys think? Let's hear it for Stacy!!! Woo Hoo! (She's going to kill me for that, you know LOL). She's way too timid about her artwork.

You are Close To My Heart,

Saturday, August 25, 2007


This summer my honey was in charge of an event that he called "Kids Klub Live". He booked a wonderfully talented guy to come and do the lesson presentations every night. He did all kinds of things from black light presentations to juggling anything you could imagine . One of the things that stuck out in my mind was that whenever he would drop something he was juggling he had the kids say, "Praise God" because God is perfect and he is not.

This was a week of juggling for me and well, a lot of "Praise God"s too. I mentioned in my profile and in a previous post that I work part time as a lunch clerk at our High School. Going back to school for me means full days for about a week and a half. As much as I love it I'm glad that it's a short season every year and not a long haul. I drop many things during this time and have lots of opportunities to say, "Praise God" in the process.

I want to take this opportunity to say "Praise God" for a friend like Stacy who knew that this was a crazy busy week and stepped in to help. I tend to overbook myself and had done that once again. I booked a workshop at the end of the above mentioned first week of school. What was I thinking? I LOVE doing workshops and normally they come together fairly well. Stacy saw that this time it was a struggle for me. Tonight she came over with two beautiful cards for me to use tomorrow and I'm ever so grateful. I would be up all night trying to get everything ready. (Stacy I know you're reading this and you've already looked at the time stamp and yes, I'm up late, but it would have been soooo much later had you not helped and yes "mom" I'm heading to bed in a minute.) I just couldn't go to bed without saying thank you! Here's a picture of one of her cards and I'll post the other in the near future. You're a true friend, sistah and...

You are Close to My Heart,


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Would You Believe...?

The stamps used on this card are from the same set as the two cards in the previous post. Talk about versatility! I'm still using the Playful Petals set and chose to use the Stylin' paper pack for this card. As soon as I get off here I have two more cards to come up with for card workshop this month. If you're signed up, don't worry. I somehow manage to pull it off :0) Life's been very busy lately with me heading back to work. So, if you are coming to workshop this weekend, please don't mind the folded laundry that might be on the couch or the dishes that might be in the sink. LOL

Once I get back into a more normal routine I will be setting up the card swap. I will post all of the details and call for sign-ups so be ready! Well, 4 of the 5 kids are in bed and the house is quiet so I'd better get busy!

Oh, speaking of kids...check this out. It's hilarious. I'm posting this woman's blog as one of my favorites because she's a kick!

You are Close To My Heart,

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's Almost Time!

Here's a peek at some new stuff coming out in the fall/winter catalog. I wasn't sure about this paper pack, but it's really growing on me. The paper pack is called Caprice with a color combination of Bamboo, Chocolate, Crystal Blue and Honey. I can't decide if the card on the right is too busy or not. It doesn't look as busy in person as it does here. The card on the left uses a stamp set called Playful Petals. It's super fun to play with.

I'm back to work at school and so life has gotten quite a bit busier (thank goodness for crock pots!). Not everyone can say they love their day job and their "play" job! My day job is normally 2 1/2 hours a day, but right now I've been helping to process the paperwork that gets kids qualified for free and reduced lunches. I enjoy it.

Is anyone interested in doing a card swap when my schedule gets back to normal (i.e. when I'm not working full days)? This is where you would make up a predetermined number of cards (of the same design). All those that sign up will do the same. They'll be mailed to me and then I'll divide them up so that everyone gets one of everyone else's card. Then I mail them back to you. I will also be making up a set of cards to play too. Go ahead and post if you're interested. Posting is not a committment. I just need to see if there's enough interest. Let me know...

You are Close To My Heart,


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Spreadsheets and Hairstyles

Today I'm busy at the computer typing new item numbers into my order form spreadsheet so I'm ready to go when the new catalog goes live. Notice what happens every time I sit down (remember the hair cut a few posts back?). My kids love to stand behind me and play with my hair. You can bet I'm more on the lookout for scissors this time! Angie is especially fond of putting all kinds of bows and clips in my hair. (Too bad you can't see the back)Aren't I just beautiful? Ok girls, this is me with no makeup and my glasses on for the entire world to see. How humbling! I'd better get back to work. I'm only on page 75 of the new catalog :0)

You are Close to My Heart,


Friday, August 10, 2007

Blog Candy Winner

And we have a winner! selected lucky number 7 which would be Kathy.
Kathy said...
Thanks for the opportunity for a chance at some blog candy! Here goes:1. My favorite summertime activity is sleeping in!!!! I said it! I hate waking up and getting three little girls ready and rushing out the door!2. I mostly make cards but have over the last year gotten into scrapbooking. I enjoy cardmaking more though I have to admit.3. Cards take about 30 minutes. A layout takes me FOREVER! That is probably why I like cardmaking better! I need more practice at scrapbooking.
August 7, 2007 8:53 AM
Kathy, I need some mailing information from you so please e-mail me and I'll get your goodies out to you right away :0) Congratulations!
You are Close to My Heart,

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nine friends come to play!

Just thought I'd share some photos from tonight. It's total girl time! My honey and kids disappear for the evening. I think something about 9 women scrapbooking scares them LOL.

School starts next week (I can't believe that!) which means I'm heading back to work. I know that I won't be able to post as much but I'm hoping that you'll hang in there with me. Who knows? I love blogging so much that I might be able to keep up ok. Chatting with all of you seems to be a good stress reliever (did I mention that I have 5 kids?).
Well, it's late and we still have two kids up. I need to get them in the early to bed habit!
You are Close to My Heart,

Notice anything different about me honey?

Ok, I know you girls out there will notice! I have a new banner! I've been working with Melissa over at Stamping Through the Tulips on this and she's awesome! Those flowers are hand big reason why I stamp LOL. If any of you bloggers out there want to add that special touch to your blog, I'd highly recommend her. She's super easy to work with and prices are so reasonable. Thanks a ton Melissa! I love it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Workshop Layout

Ok, here's tomorrow's layout that took me all day to create the other day (remember the running in circles and potty training day?) The stamp set is Outdoor Trek and I used the Rustic Trail paper pack. Now I just need to cut the paper for the girls coming tomorrow. My honey and I usually watch a movie while I cut. Any good movie recommendations?

Don't forget to scroll down to the next post called "Blog Candy" and enter for your chance to win (once per person please LOL). Just click where it says, "comments". I'm so excited that so many have already responded and from so many different places. It's been fun reading all of your replies. I'm also appreciating all of the encouragement on the potty training!

I'd better's a busy day today.

You are Close To My Heart,

p.s. Don't forget that you can click on the images to make them larger.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Blog Candy Time

Well, I have a mountain of laundry to fold and the potty training continues , but I do have a layout done and a post ready to go.

If you're new to blogging we call give aways "blog candy" because it's so sweet to win them! So here's my first big giveaway. All items are new. You'll receive a moonstruck inkpad, a package of buttons and a cute little stamp set that was created to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina (so I've had it a while, but didn't use it.) Consultants and customers alike may enter to win.

To be eligible to win this prize please post answers the following questions.

  1. What is your favorite summertime activity?
  2. Are you a card maker, scrapbooker or both?
  3. On average, how much time do you spend creating a layout or card? (Please specify if you're talking about a card or layout.)

I will use a website (can't think of it right off hand) to randomly pick a name from the posters. This blog candy contest will expire at noon on Friday August 10th (central time) so don't delay posting :0)

If I get the laundry folded I might try and take a picture of my layout and post it tomorrow.

You are Close To My Heart,


Sorry...Keep Checking

Hello! I still am going to post a picture of goodies you could win. My goal for this is by the end of the day. I'm finding that I'm not getting much done between potty training, laundry and trying to get a layout nailed down for scrap workshop on Thursday night. (Can you just see me working in circles right now?) I'll not take a computer picture of myself today as you can imagine how I look!

You are Close To My Heart,


p.s. Does anyone potty train for hire? He's really cute :0) LOL

Friday, August 3, 2007

Cool New Computer

My honey has been doing some price comparing and shopping for a new laptop computer. Our old computer is about to bite the dust. I need to get busy and transfer files before I lose them...scary thought! The laptop has a built in camera so when Ryan climbed up on my lap we took several pictures which thoroughly entertained him. This, by the way, is the same little boy that cut my hair the other day. He's so cute it's really hard to be upset with him too long! Just look at that face!

This morning I noticed that I now have over 1000 hits! We need to celebrate! By Monday I will post a picture of some goodies you could win. Check back with me then. For now, I need to keep figuring out where everything is on this computer.

You are Close To My Heart,


p.s. I still have TONS of stamples. E-mail me for my snail mail address (for a self addressed, stamped envelope). Don't miss out on the good stuff!