Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yeah Stacy!!

Yeah, my sistah friend Stacy gave me the night off by sending me a picture of something she's recently made. I hear that this mixture is VERY addicting! Of course it has to be good if it has candy corn in it!

Here's what she has to say: HAY THERE !!!! :0) I added pop dots to some of the leaves to make it look like a pile, and used the stipple brush a lot to add some texture, I didn't have any ribbon that matched so I had to ink some (my first time, MESSY) but worth it.

To color your ribbon lay it across the stamp pad color of your choice. Leave a little tail hanging out so you have something to hold on to. Close the lid and squeeze a little. Pull the ribbon through coloring the length you need. Flip it over and repeat. Voila'! You have ribbon that matches your project perfectly.

I love it Stacy! You did a great job! Thanks a ton :0)

You are Close to My Heart,


:) Missa said...

Awesome job, Stacy! That is an adorable idea!

Lindsay Green said...

What a neat idea!
That'd make a cute gift too!

Tressa said...

love it, what stamp set is that? love the scarecrow!!

SD said...

Hay There and Spring Leaves are the Stamp sets used. I love the little scarecrow in Hay There, but think it may not be available anymore :0(

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this, Stacy! What's in the container, candy corn & nuts, or just corn? What a beautiful Fall favorite season, by the way.

Tammy H

Stacy said...

I filled the container w/ a mix of candy corn & peanuts, which if you have never tried, don't or you will be like me in the fall buying bags of candy corn 10 at time and putting it in the freezer for the rest of the year! :0) Thanks for the comments guys, it has been a tough week and you all have really lifted my spirits. God Bless