Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still Playing Catch Up

Well if you're still visiting my blog I want to thank you for your patience. It's been a long couple of months with a lot going on. I returned from the Philippines at the end of February and I've spent the last couple of weeks getting my days and nights squared around. My body also decided to get the crud that's going around here too, but I think I'm on the upswing of it all. I still have a couple of big projects to complete (like my I the only one still not done with that?).

I haven't stamped in quite a while and I'm a little nervous that I have lost my creativity! ACK! I really wanted to post something so that you know I'm still here. I was going through my blog favorites and I noticed that Kristina Werner had a color challenge up. I already had a card done in those colors so I'm sort of fudging a little and posting that one. Is that ok Kristina? I hope so :0)
This is one of my favorite stamps ever from the set In the Wild by Close to My Heart. Isn't he so cute? I apologize for the not so great picture. I scanned it in the days before I had a digital camera. Thanks for stopping by.

You are Close to My Heart,