Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You know Me...I Love Flowers!

As promised, here is the other Stacy creation. She bought her own set of Playful Petals and came up with this cute card. I love how many different looks that can be accomplished with this set! One cool thing to note...Stacy used our corner rounder without the guard to create the scallops.

In case you're just joining us, we're in the middle of National Stamping Month and I'm attempting to post a new piece of artwork each month. It's a HUGE challenge for me since my life is so busy as it is, but I really want to try and accomplish this goal. I'd love for you to submit artwork for me to post (giving credit to you of course). You will receive your name in the drawing for the grand prize for your submission--all entries will have their name entered. Entries may be e-mailed or snail mailed. Contact me for information on getting your creation to me.

Check out this post for complete details on how to win a brand new Fiscars trimmer. If you'd like to subscribe to my blog, simply type your e-mail in the box to the left of this post (the one that says "keep it fresh". Hit, "keep it fresh" and you should be good to go. You need to e-mail me to let me know you did this so I can put your name in the drawing.

Also, when posting a comment, please at least leave your initials so I can have some way of entering you into the drawing. I don't want anonymous to win anything :0)

You are Close To My Heart,

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Lindsay Green said...

That card is gorgeous! I love it!