Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Copy Card

I made this card by looking at a similar one in the current Close to My Heart catalog. I have a different message on mine though. This message is actually on one stamp out of the "Thoughts of You" stamp set (flowers from the same set). All of the lines were really tight together so to do the pick and omit technique was a bit tricky. I was browsing blogs and I found a really great tip! (I only wish I could remember which blog I saw it on. If it's yours please come forward!)

To stamp the message I cut my cardstock into half inch strips. Then before stamping onto my ink pad I put scotch tape over the sections I didn't want to stamp. I inked it up, removed the tape and I was able to stamp without worrying about getting any lines from any of the other letters. It was really slick!

The colors for this card are chocolate, sweet leaf, buttercup and baby pink with some blush marker as well. The stems were stamped on sweetleaf with the chocloate pad and then colored in with a sweet leaf marker to make them a bit darker. This card is a lot of cutting, but the look of it was worth the effort.

I'm off to a class tonight for foster care so I'd better get moving....

You are Close to My Heart,

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Silhouette Creation

I'm just jumping on here quickly to show another example with my favorite paper. I used the Friendship Word Puzzle with it this time. Stacy gave me a fun punch for Christmas and I thought it looked cool on this card. I think this card would classify as a black and white with a pop of color type card. I love the way the little red sparkle jewels look inside the flowers. The flower band across the middle is actually a ribbon from the Close To My Heart Black Collection of Ribbon Rounds.
Ok, off to get ready for tonight's workshop.
You are Close to My Heart,

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love, Love, Love This Paper!

This paper has got to be tops on my list of favorite papers. It's called "Silhouette" made by Close to My Heart. I used some stamps from the Soul Mates Word Puzzle set also made by Close to My Heart. This is a my February scrapbook workshop layout. With a change of sentiments it can be made into a friendship layout as well which is another option for my workshop attendees. Last night was the first of two workshop nights and the layouts were all beautiful with special touches by each of my guests. You can see the examples better by clicking on them to enlarge them. I tell you, this paper is a must have!

Stay tuned tomorrow! I'll be posting more artwork!

You are Close to My Heart,

p.s. Clicking on the first one doesn't seem to work, but the other two are working.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Memory Book

The Dollar Spot at Target is a great place to find good stuff to stamp on (pink one shown under mine). Stacy found some little photo albums so between us we cleaned them out. Last Saturday was the Memory Book workshop and it was lots of fun. We took the books apart and recovered the front and back. Then we stamped the pages and added background paper to match. Everyone's books turned out really cute!

There were a variety of ways these books could be used. I have a very hard time getting personal layouts done. This is partly due to having 5 kids and partly because my "office" is in my bedroom closet. It's a little bit difficult to spread out and really scrapbook the right way. Anyway, I made this little book as a recap of 2007. I chose pictures from my digital camera and printed everything in wallet size. Then I divided them up into topics like vacations, foster kids, birthdays, etc. I received a cool punch for Christmas so I used it to make the tabs. My book was made using the Good Times paper pack with some coordinating stamps. One element that I repeated was the checklist stamp. It gave me an easy journaling place. Since the book is small I had to have a way that would keep it short and sweet.

Stay tuned...more artwork posted soon!
You are Close to My Heart,

Monday, February 4, 2008

Photos Coming Soon

I have a love/hate relationship with computers! We have a desktop that is on its way out and a almost brand new laptop. I've only had it since last fall. The new laptop kept giving me the blue screen of death so we backed everything up and took it to the Geek Squad. I was without the laptop for about a week and had high hopes that all would be well when they gave it back to me. Not so. They had to put a new hard drive in it which took it back to square one which should not be a problem since I have the back-up disks. It won't read the first disk! So it looks like we're in for another trip to the Geek Squad. (Our son who is a Mac lover is just rubbing this in.)

Anyway, I have pictures of projects to post, but it's a big hassle on the desktop computer. It almost goes into shock if I do anything more than e-mail or surf with one window open. I could work with it and get pictures posted, but I'm under a time crunch for other projects. It's so quick and easy to post pictures on the laptop! So with that said, stay tuned. I will get it up as soon as I get a working computer. Also, if you have e-mailed me and I've not responded it's probably because your e-mail is/was on my new computer. If I have not responded, please try me again (e-mail link here).

You are Close to My Heart,