Friday, October 5, 2007

I really want to stamp BUT...

Our air conditioner needs recharging. It has a slow leak in it so my honey doesn't want to charge it up until next spring. So, in the meantime our house is very hot and humid probably close to 80 degrees. I want so badly to stamp, but it's too hot to even move! My stamp closet doesn't even have air that moves at all. The bad thing is that it makes me very crabby. We need a break in the weather soon or well, I don't know what. I'm even thinking that if the weather doesn't get cooler by the time workshops come around that I might have to cancel them or move them to someplace else. Anyone want to volunteer their house for an extra two punches on your card? What in the world did we do before air conditioning? I'm trying to think on the positive side so here's my Top 10 reasons to do without air conditioning.

  1. Angie's curly hair is really cute!
  2. I don't have to shave my legs as often as I do when I'm cold. Maybe I'm the only one, but cold air just negates a good shave for me.
  3. I think I have a new weight loss program. We'll see when the weather cools off. I'm too hot to eat and I think I'm sweating it off.
  4. I'm drinking more water than I have in a very long time.
  5. It does cool down to liveable after about 9:00.
  6. "Sorry honey, it's just too hot to run the oven. It's PBJ's again :0)"
  7. I'm really considering that cute little younger looking haircut.
  8. It's actually cooler outside so the kids actually will go out and play.
  9. The house doesn't get as messed up because we're all just laying by the fans to get cool.
  10. Going to Wal-Mart doesn't sound all that bad. At least they have air conditioning!
You are Close to My Heart,
p.s. Please post more reasons for me to look on the bright side. I will pick a random number with and send the winner a stack of 10 stamped cards! Let's see, today is Friday so let's go through next Wednesday the 10th. Post away!


Nickalli said...

All that money you are saving not running the AC or oven can now be spent on craft supplies!!

Sorry, that's all I got - I HATE being hot!!!!
~ Nickalli in TUCSON, AZ

Lindsay Green said...

You wear less clothing, therefore have less laundry to do!

Anonymous said...

Not only is it too hot to cook, but it's too hot to do any housework.

Christa said...

So it is Hot...Hot...Hot...inside your house. Why not lay on the couch and daydream your on a tropical island and Mathew Maconahay is serving you a nice cold frozen drink...Oh wait thats my fantsy...LOL Insert name of who you would like to serve you.

Anonymous said...

Not just anyone can have unlimited time in a personal sauna!

You can wrap yourself and your family in aluminum foil and pretend to be Baked Potatoes!!! (Oops, offensive - I'm shaped like a baked potato, you and the rest of your family AREN'T!!!)

Deb B from Nebraska

David said...

You're welcome to my party room for a scrap/stamp workshop anytime, just let me know.

I can also loan you my deep dish covered baker with recipes for 10 minute Pork Tenderloin, 30 minute Whole Chicken, 20 minute ribs, and more. They all cook in the microwave and your family will be thrilled.

My air conditioner broke down twice this summer when we were at record heat and my baker saved me. David couldn't believe the meat was cooked in the microwave.

As for a positive to not having A/C, you have a reason to get out of the house. :)

Have a great night.

Tressa said...

For my kids when it's hot ice cream seems to keep their mind off of it. Keep thinking positive.

Lisa L. Floyd said...

You don't have to worry about anyone using up all the hot water in the shower because they're all using cold to cool down!

jo said...

A benefit to no air conditioning where you are is that at least you aren't someplace like in Arizona, or Nevada or--- Thailand!!
Keep your cool with Donna's iced coffee! There is none better! : )

Anonymous said...

Tammy H said...
1st...great job on the queen candidates page layout! I love it!!
Heard you and Stacey were fantastic, and the girls loved it!!

My idea for a heat reliever is to do what we did as lots of homemade popsicles, and lay on the floor in front of a water cooler (make your own with an ice bucket in front of the fan!) can make "ice masks" using baggies and crushed ice to pamper your face (or back of neck) with. I thing your prayers are working, too, because it was a bit nippy this morning when I left for work, and I hear it's cooling down. Imagine...cooling down in October. Good Luck at home, my friend.

Anonymous said...

You aren't 8 months pregnant! Just think how miserable that would be! I think it's a good excuse to invite yourself over to good friends' houses for dinner each night. Wish I lived closer - I'd have you over, but Texas is a long way to come for dinner. Praying for cooler weather for you (and me too) Julie