Saturday, July 14, 2007

Girl Time

My friend Stacy came over the other night to make a card for her boss's birthday. For his birthday the staff purchased an hour aerial photography shoot so she needed a card with that theme. We had to dig deep into my stash to come up with the airplane stamp...a wooden one from years gone by. We were so worried about the airplane stamp not really matching the style of the card, but the staff loved it, especially the boss. He passed it around and made everyone look at it even though they had all seen it when they signed it.

This card actually opens first by the brown flap that's tucked under the airplane. It then opens on the left side with the postage stamps. It's a neat pattern. When I get some time I'll post some more like it and give directions.

Today though, I've been busy re-organizing and weeding my paper for my stamp stash sale. It's a grand mess right now and I can hardly walk through my bedroom, but I'm intent on my goal to downsize and organize. Next I'm going through my stamps. In case you live in the area the sale is July 28th at 2:00. Ok, I've got to at least clear a path before bedtime so I don't break my neck in the middle of the night :0)

You are Close to My Heart,


p.s. Thanks Stacy for the girl time! I loved it!


Tressa said...

I really loved the card, it would be great to send to my brother-n-law that is in Germany. Hope you don,t mind if I copy.

Stamp Your Art Out said...

Asolutely please copy. That's what they're there for. I have to give credit where credit is due though. Stacy did most of it. I just coached :0)