Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Snowing!

And it's beautiful! I really do love snow....with electricity and heat in my house. So here's the rest of our survival story. By Tuesday we were pretty frustrated with the whole situation. We were blessed to have friends to go be with for showers and warm soup and to have a minute to blog.

About a month ago my honey booked a Branson getaway for just the two of us. It is something we do about every other December just to see each other, do some Christmas shopping and sleep in (something that hasn't happened often since adopting the two little early risers that we did).

So by Tuesday we made the decision to call Branson and book an extra day and an extra room and just make it a family time. We also decided to leave Joel with a friend that had heat so he could come home and let the dog in and out. We packed by flashlight in the freezing house on Wednesday morning. We said our goodbyes to Joel and we headed out. We had one stop to make for medicine before leaving town. We were in the drive through at Wal-Greens when Joel called to tell us that our power was back on.

A little side note here...The getaway Jim planned involved listening to a time-share spiel aka the "three hour tour". So as soon as Joel called to tell us we had electricity we called to cancel the extra bookings that we had made. They knew our plight and I have to say they still charged us an extra $75! Ask me if they sold us anything. It's all a big racket anyway.

I used to think it would be fun to live in the Victorian times or even in a log cabin on the prairie but I must say now that I'm very thankful for all the modern conveniences of today. As I write this I am drinking hot coffee warmed in the microwave and I have homemade cinnamon rolls rising on the counter. I made the dough in my bread machine. So...the snow is absolutely beautiful and so is life.

Being without heat or electricity for the 3 1/2 days sure made me appreciate even more all that I have been blessed with and it gave me a bit of an understanding of what some people go through in the world on a daily basis. Thank you to all of you for praying for us and sending help our direction. I know thast there are still people in this area that are without power.
Here are some photos that we shot.
This was actually taken during the day. It was so dark and dreary.

Keeping warm!

Camping out in the living room.

Angie keeps busy by painting by candlelight.

Joel charged up his electronic game at a coffee house so he kept Ryan warm while entertaining him.

My poor butterfly bush that I hadn't gotten trimmed.

Not the "hot seat" for sure!

Joel took this cool photo from underneath the patio table.

Hopefully I'll get some stamping time this next week so I can start posting artwork again! To all my area friends...I pray that your power is back on and that you're warm and toasty again!

You are Close to My Heart,



April Driggers said...

Yowza woman! I feel for ya... glad you've got some warmth up there -- besides the love of family.

They still charged ya $75... man alive... that stinks! Karma...just think karma -- :) It'll make ya smile! Ha!

I just keep thinking how cold your toilet seat musta been (ha ha -- frozen buns!)

And remember, out in the prairie -- they had wood to burn... BUT having heat sure rocks! :)

Stamp Your Art Out said...

Umm, Yeah, the toilet seat was very cold! LOL


jodene said...

Wishing you and your a very merry christmas!!

Julia Stainton said...

Wow! THanks for sharing those photos! What an experience! I'm glad it is all over for you and you'll have something to laugh about for years to come! Have a great day!