Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice, Ice, Baby

I am currently sitting in our car in the McDonald's parking lot checking e-mail. An ice storm has hit our area and we've been without power for over 24 hours. My honey and I have our computers so he's paying bills and checking football scores and I'm checking e-mail and blogging. How sad are we? We have ventured out to buy food that doesn't need to be cooked necessarily and to buy more candles. We actually had some "scrumptious" fishsticks cooked on our grill in aluminum foil for lunch. It was good to have hot food.

I remembered today that it wasn't too long ago that we were without air conditioning. Hmmm which would I rather? Believe it or not, this. You can always add more layers, but there comes a point when you can't take any more off or you'll scare the kids.

Stamping is kind of out of the question a. because I'm snuggled under a blanket most of the time and b. I can't really see in my stamp supplies to bring stuff to the table. We also have limited daylight with this no power thing. Hey, I'm getting good sleep though because once it's dark there's really not much else to do than to go to bed.

Well, honey is done paying bills so I'll sign off here. Time to go get supplies. They say this could last all week. Crazy, huh?

You are Close to My Heart,


Lindsay Green said...

Fingers crossed that you get power back soon! That must be tough!

Anonymous said...

I just sent my hubby your way...he works for our local power company and they sent out crews this afternoon to help out. He hopes to be home for Christmas and so do I. My birthday is the 18th and I know he will miss that but I know the need is greater for everyone without power. Just letting you know someone way down your downline is praying for ya!
holly - romney, wv
mom to 10 wonderful children humbled foster mom to many more.

Bill and Christi said...
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stampmonkey said...

Oops -- I meant to say 'when it IS self-induced.' lol

stampmonkey said...

I guess you can tell I've never tried to delete a post before. lol I messed up and then tried to correct it with another post. Looks like it's all just a mess.

Anyway, sending warm hugs and 'power' prayers! ;)