Saturday, August 25, 2007


This summer my honey was in charge of an event that he called "Kids Klub Live". He booked a wonderfully talented guy to come and do the lesson presentations every night. He did all kinds of things from black light presentations to juggling anything you could imagine . One of the things that stuck out in my mind was that whenever he would drop something he was juggling he had the kids say, "Praise God" because God is perfect and he is not.

This was a week of juggling for me and well, a lot of "Praise God"s too. I mentioned in my profile and in a previous post that I work part time as a lunch clerk at our High School. Going back to school for me means full days for about a week and a half. As much as I love it I'm glad that it's a short season every year and not a long haul. I drop many things during this time and have lots of opportunities to say, "Praise God" in the process.

I want to take this opportunity to say "Praise God" for a friend like Stacy who knew that this was a crazy busy week and stepped in to help. I tend to overbook myself and had done that once again. I booked a workshop at the end of the above mentioned first week of school. What was I thinking? I LOVE doing workshops and normally they come together fairly well. Stacy saw that this time it was a struggle for me. Tonight she came over with two beautiful cards for me to use tomorrow and I'm ever so grateful. I would be up all night trying to get everything ready. (Stacy I know you're reading this and you've already looked at the time stamp and yes, I'm up late, but it would have been soooo much later had you not helped and yes "mom" I'm heading to bed in a minute.) I just couldn't go to bed without saying thank you! Here's a picture of one of her cards and I'll post the other in the near future. You're a true friend, sistah and...

You are Close to My Heart,



Anonymous said...

Cute card. I am really bummed I had to miss this morning. I love making cards withthe Saturday morning ladies. Theyare all so sweet:) April

S said...

"Praise God" for sisters in faith, you are always there for me, always have been, and I know in my heart always will be. " A Friend Is Someone who reaches for your hand and touches your Heart " author unknown

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card Stacy!!

Shannon Wittig said...

I love this card and your use of paper. I have the tri fold book kit but I am too afraid to use the pretty paper. I have lots of paper like that.