Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm Surfacing!

Please, please pardon the lack of posting. I don't know what it was. I just didn't feel creative and I was even having a hard time getting into my office to stamp. What's up with that? I think it was the massive cleaning spree I went on that kind of took it out of me. My office is still in need of some weeding and organization, but I need to get on the ball for workshops this coming Saturday (in only a couple of days ). I am going to make it though, thanks to Stacy who is helping me create this month. If you're coming to card workshops then you're in for a treat. I have some other cards that Stacy has made that I'll share with you later :0)

For now, here's a sneak peek at a couple of projects. The snowmen are from a set called "Snow Friends" which is the stamp of the month. I pretty much took the design from the example in the book for the front. I used a blending pen and the stamp pads (vineyard berry and ocean) to color the snowmen. I also used grey wool with a blending pen to create the shadow look. You probably can't see it in the photo, but there's fun flock there for snow. The inside is kind of fun with a peek-a-boo window. One of these days I'll blog it for a tutorial.

The second one is made from elements from that day that Stacy and I stamped with not much success (see this post). I had actually made the base of the card that day too, but forgot to photograph it. While talking on the phone (to Stacy of course) I absent-mindedly laid her tag on my card. It was perfect! I added the words on the tag tonight with an inside message ("Joy to the World Jesus is the reason for the season") and it was done just like that. UGH! I hate it when cards take so long! This one took almost three weeks! It's made with the Everlasting paper pack and the words come from two different sets..."No Greater Love" and Christmas Scripts". The flourish is from a set called "Legendary Moments" which has nothing to do with Christmas. I love being able to use my stamps for lots of things.
So now for BLOG CANDY since you all have been so faithful and have hit this blog over 5000 times! I have a brand new "Magical Season" valued at $22.95 that I will give away to a random poster. I'll try and get a picture of it tomorrow. If you want to see some of the images from the set check out this post. To win this set you need to post the most treasured Christmas present you ever received. I received one last year from my husband. He had a bracelet made with the birthstones of our kids...all five of them. The reason it was so special was because we were in the middle of adopting the two youngest ones. It got me. I cried. My family is so precious to me!
You are Close to My Heart,
p.s. I will draw for a winner on Monday December 3rd. I want to get it out as quick as possible so the recipient can use it for Christmas! Consultants, you are welcome to post your most treasured gift ever received but I ask that someone who is not a consultant wins this :0) Thank you for understanding.


Erika said...

To this day my most loved, cherish, Christmas gift was my baby doll Patty that I got when I was 5. I still remember being so disappointed that I didn't get a baby doll and then dad pulled a huge box from behind the tree. I still have her 18 years later and will pass her on to my future daughter.

April Driggers said...

Wow, this is a tough one to even think about since I **HAVE** no memory of most anything... Crazy but it's probably my printer's tray my dad got me when I was like 7 or 8 years old. I wanted to collect miniatures so he bought me a printers tray and in order for me to find it, I had to go on a scavengerhunt throughout the house and the last place was the printers tray and he'd bought me a few miniature things. When I got married to my oldest son's father, I no longer was collecting miniatures but his LITTLE sister was (15 years his junior) so I let her borrow that... fast forward... divorce, remarry, I feared that I'd never get it back but after asking a couple of times if my ex-husband could CHECK, my sweet son brought it back as a carry-on on one of his flights back home (last July)... It's hanging proudly in my scrap room holding some random rubber stamps. :)

Lindsay Green said...

As a child it would have to be my play kitchen. I rememer the year I got it, I think I was six. Someone had told me that Santa was your parents. I asked my mom, after opening all my gifts. She opened up her wallet & in it sat only a $2bill. She said there's no way she could have afforded all those nice gifts!

As for a recent gift, it would have to be my steering wheel cover. A couple of years ago I really wanted a pink steering wheel cover but couldnt find any locally. My boyfriend not only found one, but he had my name & my favourite flower embroidered on it for me. I still use it daily!

Cathy Kassube said...

My favorite Christmas present was a small box from my 5 year old daughter a couple years ago. She wrapped it (or should I say taped it with some added paper) herself. When I opened it, there was a small piece of paper that said "love" on it. She said she was giving me her love for Christmas. Hope she gives me the same thing when she is 15!!
Thanks for the chance to win the stamp set. Now that I've seen everyone's great art with it--I would love to have it!
Merry Christmas!!

Marie said...

My most treasured Christmas present was a glass heart that my son gave on Christmas 1996 and on the tag it says: Glass Handle With Care, To: Mom From David. I still have the sticker which inside the heart. The following Feb 18. 1997 he passed away. I had so many presents when i was small but nothing can beat this.

Anonymous said...

My most treasured Christmas present was a wonderful loving family. I say that because my parents adopted me as a newborn and took me home from the hospital as their Christmas present on Dec 19, 1968. They think I was their present but reality is, I am the one that was blessed by their love. Mom, when you read this blog...Thank You! I love you dearly!

jo said...

My most treasured Christmas gift as a child was a doll named Mary. She had crazy brown hair and was all flopsie and sweet. I LOVED her. My favorite gift as an adult would probably be a pearl bracelet that my friend gave me after they adopted their daughter from China. They named her "pearl" because of all they went through to get her. And they used their other 4 children's college fund to do it! I prayed for this adoption from the moment they considered it all the way until she had heart surgery on February 14! Watching God work and witnessing miracles was a blessing I still think of today!

ib3kidsmom said...

My most treasured Christmas present was in December 2000 with the birth of my little girl. She was due on Christmas day, but she came 3 days later. Kiersten Noel was a bundle of joy to the whole family that year!

Christa said...

My most precious Christmas gift I have ever gotten...hmm..As a child it would be my 3ft Raggedy Ann Doll. I asked Santa for it for 2 years. I finally got it. She was taller then I was at the time. I loved hugging on her.