Thursday, November 1, 2007

Now, That's a LOT of Stamps

Ok, no artwork tonight. Circle around. It's story time. I am a lunch clerk at our high school. I am in charge of taking money and making the deposits. It's a job I really love. I was sitting there doing my thing and a co-worker to my boss ichats me to tell me that I need to call Kim the finance lady. That would have anyone wondering for sure, so I finish up with first lunch and give her a quick call on my cell. She's very distraught. She had received a notice from the IRS to garnish my wages because of back taxes owed from 2004. But, here's the kicker. The Social Security number is mine, but the name is definitely not. Ok, would you be worried? Yeah, me too. All she would say is that the IRS wants a LOT of money.

I found out just how much money they wanted when I went over after work. The IRS wants (are you ready for this? Sitting down?) $76,216.72. No, that's not a typo. I had started getting a good headache at work just thinking about how my social security number got out there and how in the world this would get fixed. That number gave me a migraine.

She gave me all the paperwork and so for the rest of the afternoon Jim and I chased around trying to get things straightened out. First stop was to the Social Security office where you sit for quite some time. Plus (and I'm not trying to put people down) there were some rather "interesting" characters there. I am afraid I'm scarred for life. I happen to glance in one direction as a large man was getting out of his chair. The word "plumber" comes to mind. AUGH!

Ok, there they check and the only record of jobs on that social number...MY social number...are of jobs that I've held which is a good sign. From there we split up. I had another errand to run so Jim ran to the IRS office where he's not met with the most friendliness. He had my driver's license and SS card in hand so the lady just assumed that he was just trying to get out of paying that astronomical figure. When she figured it out she lightened up a lot. It turns out that someone else is going to have a VERY bad day soon. Whoever had typed my number in for this person had transposed two numbers. We have a letter to turn in to central office and all is well that ends well. Can you EVEN imagine owing that much money? Now that's a LOT of stamps!

You are Close to My Heart,


S~ said...

Yikes! I wouldn't have just had a headache I would have had a heart attack! They should give you a break on this years taxes for your emotional distress! LOL that was funny the IRS giving someone a break for their own mistake!
Thank goodness it all worked out.

Sharon in NE said...

Having worked for the govt for 25 years, I shouldn't be surprised...

Talk about stress! What kinda of earnings would a person have to have to OWE that kinda money?

Ann said...

A person would need to make roughly $250,000. (Mom's a CPA and I inherited her knack with numbers, they'd be in the 30% bracket.)

Since I receive SSDI (Social Security Disability Income), I'm familiar with the office of which you speak. My favorite person is the guard who checks you in and tells you to get a number. I don't know whether to fear or pity him.

I'm glad things are straightened out. Resolving the issue in a day's time takes some were blessed today, even though it may not seem like it.

jodene said...

Omg How scary for you. I could not imagion owing that much money. So glad it ended well for you!

Marie said...

Now they would be seeing me in the morgue for sure. That is so scarie. You would have to be a lawyer to make that kind of money, not at lunch person. Well you know some one was watching over you and hubby. LOL. Marie

Jan Scholl said...

I remember getting audited one year when hubby decided to do the taxes and claim his college tuition as a deductable expense back in the 70's. we had to pay in a lot. and all his frat buddies did the same and never got audited. I am the only one who touched the finances now.