Monday, February 4, 2008

Photos Coming Soon

I have a love/hate relationship with computers! We have a desktop that is on its way out and a almost brand new laptop. I've only had it since last fall. The new laptop kept giving me the blue screen of death so we backed everything up and took it to the Geek Squad. I was without the laptop for about a week and had high hopes that all would be well when they gave it back to me. Not so. They had to put a new hard drive in it which took it back to square one which should not be a problem since I have the back-up disks. It won't read the first disk! So it looks like we're in for another trip to the Geek Squad. (Our son who is a Mac lover is just rubbing this in.)

Anyway, I have pictures of projects to post, but it's a big hassle on the desktop computer. It almost goes into shock if I do anything more than e-mail or surf with one window open. I could work with it and get pictures posted, but I'm under a time crunch for other projects. It's so quick and easy to post pictures on the laptop! So with that said, stay tuned. I will get it up as soon as I get a working computer. Also, if you have e-mailed me and I've not responded it's probably because your e-mail is/was on my new computer. If I have not responded, please try me again (e-mail link here).

You are Close to My Heart,

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