Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog Candy...Candy

UPDATE: We do have a winner! Where did the time go? I did do last week and it came up with Ann Anderson as the winner! I've been busy on a HUGE project which I hope to post by tomorrow. Ann, I'll take you up on that coffee visit :0)

Have I mentioned that I love chocolate? I've been getting ready for workshop and I have to tell you it's a bad thing. Workshop involves chocolate in couple of ways so my office is well stocked...well at least for the time being. I keep snitching! This is a Cadbury milk chocolate candy bar. It's been pretty hard for me not to cut a piece of foam or cardboard to replace the chocolate in this example!

It's so easy to dress up chocolate bars. I simply took the wrapper off and used it to measure a piece of background and texture paper. This one is Floral Tapestry. I added another wrapping of vellum with a message from the "One and Only" set. A little ribbon and a little bling and it's done!

Now...who wants it? I'm looking for posts that tell me the most loving thing someone has done for you. I will choose one by using next week on Friday the 25th so that gives you lots of time to post! And just'll arrive on your doorstep in plenty of time for you to give it to a special someone OR to savor for yourself.

You are Close to My Heart,


Stacy said...

Very Pretty, love the paper. I would say it is almost to pretty to open, but I bet I could get the candy out without messing up the paper! :0)

Sharon in NE said...

The most loving husband pushed (with me)to get my parents to move to Norfolk knowing a great deal of work and responsibility will fall upon us to take care of them. That was almost 5 years ago and he has seen to it that their duplex was built to his high standards and designed exactly for their needs. He has made sure they are always comfortable, happy, and have everything they need. He has accompanied me when I have to make late night runs when my dad refuses to put on his depends and rubber pants, or when my dad has fallen and can't get up, or simply when my mom can't reach something up high. My DH is so unselfish with his time and energy and so wonderful with my parents. I can't think of anything more generous and loving than that.

CT said...

The most loving thing I have had done for me came 4 months after I got married. I decided one night that I wanted to get all dressed up in my wedding dress and prance around the house. I was so excited; however, much to my dismay... the zipper didn't go up. I was crushed. I opened the door to our tv room where my husband was sitting and stood there tears welling up in my eye's. He asked me what was wrong and I burst out sobbing that my beautiful wedding dress no longer fit. He stopped what he was doing, came over and wrapped his arm's around me and just held me as I laid sobbing on the ground with my wedding dress in a half on/half off state. I think I cried for about 45 mins and he softly stroked my hair and held me. Later he assured me that these were just "happy lbs" that I put on because I was so happy I was married. :D Knowing that he loved me no matter what and that he was sweet enough just to hold me,is the most loving thing to me.

Liz's Lovelies said...

My sister has a collection of chocolate pots. One day she came across one that she thought was to high priced and she didn't like that well. But she bought it anyway. So there sat her chocolate pot with her others. Until I told her why lily of the valley were special to me. Our first son was born May 11, 1984 And the Lord called him home just a few hours after his birth. Lily of the valley is the May flower, so it's special for me that being Nathan's birth month. A year or so after my sister had bought this chocolate pot I was telling her why lily of the valley was special to me. A week or so after telling her this I recieved a package from her, the chocolate pot with lily of the valley on it. I just sobbed when I saw it.
I truely am blessed with a loving family.

Ann said...

I didn't know that story about the chocolate pot. Thanks for sharing.

I will use one of the most recent events as there are so many wonderful people in my life that bless me every day.

Thursday I had a busy school day and coordinated the first FPU class at my church. I was excited, exhausted, and didn't have much time to slow down given the busy weekend coming up. I came to bed and there was David on my side of the bed. He was warming my side up for me as I'm generally an ice cube when I come to bed and it takes me a full 15 minutes or more to warm up enough to even think about falling asleep.

I was asleep shortly after I cried my thanks. What a sweetie.

Tammy H. said...

That one special thing...very difficult! I can think of two right off the bat! My husband is the cook in our house and one day during my "special time of the month", I was really craving some chocolate. He had purchased and hidden from the kids some "emergency chocolate" for me! What a man!! Ghiradelli, no less.

Another memorable moment would be when our house just got destroyed by a tornado, our friends and family came rushing over to try to help us get our salvagable items stored away from looters and our house windows covered to keep the rain out. What blessings my people are!! Thank you, again, Lord.

angela&bethany said...

Bethany says... her most loving moment was when I nor her grandmother could take her to scrapbook workshop and her grandpa lovingly volunteered. They had a fun time with lots of laughs and made great memories!

tammy h...... I love your emergency chocolate story!

Ann said...

Okay, so who won. I could really use some chocolate about now and a nice coffee date with a good friend would be good too.