Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is all new to me


I have recently decided to jump on the blog bandwagon. I have a growing list of favorite blogs that I visit regularly and I've decided that I can also share my thoughts with others. I already know myself and know that I won't be a daily poster. It'll be more like...a random poster. But hey, all you have to do to know when I've posted is to subscribe to my blog. Then you won't miss a thing!

So what's on the list for today? I need to cut paper for my scrapbook workshop tomorrow night. Here's a sneak peek for you. The paper is from the Majestic Blue pack from the Summer 2007 Close To My Heart catalog. My favorite color is blue so this was an easy favorite paper pack for me.
Also on the list for today (or soon) is to update my website! Sheesh it's been forever. I have to get more organized! I know some of you reading this are nodding your head. What can I say? I have 5 kids and life with them slips by so fast.

Someone tell me to get busy! I could play around with this all day!

You are Close To My Heart,



Stamp Til Dawn said...

Welcome to the blog world!!

Anonymous said...

Great layout!

Beeezy said...

Hey! I'm glad I looked at this this morning, because I forgot about the scrapbooking workshop! See, I only have 2 kids and a grandchild and can't remember anything!!! I'll be watching this, and I always enjoy looking at your website! See ya tonight! Cathy