Thursday, June 28, 2007

Playing with Color

I am color challenged! I know that red and blue go together, but somewhere after that I'm not so confident in myself. I'm constantly asking my teenage daughter, "Does this look ok?" before I walk out the door wearing what I'm wearing.

That creates a problem when you're the "stamp lady"! How do I know if something works for my project? I have a couple of secrets to share with you.
  • I look at color combinations around me. Just last Sunday (before church started LOL) I noticed the lady sitting in front of me had on the most beautiful combination of Indian Corn Blue, Breeze and Key Lime with a little Vanilla Creme....yum!

  • I refer to a color wheel. I purchased one at the local hardware store and I'm sure it wasn't a huge cost. Colors across from each other on the color wheel work together. Colors in a triangle and those side by side are also good.

  • But here's the best trick of all...I found a website that combines colors for me AND they're Close to My Heart Colors! (I'll put the link in my list of favorite links or you clan click on the title of this blog.)

So, I played yesterday. I chose Taffy which I don't normally get out and I hit the button to see what goes with it. I would have never thought of Taffy, Dutch Blue and Sweet Leaf, but take a look! It works! Now, be aware that some of the color combinations that will be given to you won't work as well as others.

So try those tricks. As for helping you coordinate your're on your own there. I have enough problems of my own!

You are Close To My Heart,


p.s. I just discovered that if you click the photos that I post that it will enlarge them for you ;0)


Ann said...

Very nice artwork and terrific blog. I'm glad you've started this and I may have to try my hand at a Pampered Chef themed blog. I, too, learn new things just about every day it would seem. Have a great day!

Stamp Til Dawn said...

Love the color combo! I rarely use Taffy either. I may have to give it a try.