Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Father's Day

Guy cards are soooo hard to create. After many attempts I finally have one here that my man approves. I have learned some things about making guy cards in the process. The stamper/crafter in me whats to keep adding stuff to them, but it's a less is more deal on guy cards. Of course flowers are out, but I've learned that hearts are really out too even though you love the guy you're giving them to. According to my husband that makes them more feminine looking. Ribbon is pretty much out too.

For this card I added some chipboard from a set called Fresh Shapes from Close to My Heart. It started out white, but I sponged chocolate on it to begin with and then kept adding layers of chocolate ink until I was satisfied.

Color is another important factor in making guy cards. Dark muted colors are the best or when in doubt go in black, brown or dark blue. Don't even try and throw a hint of pink in there! This paper is called Simple Pleasures and has been my favorite for a long time. I stamped the coffee ring on there as well as the water splotches that are really light. The stamp set is called Coffee Stain. The set has a heart and star in it as well, which I had to refrain from using for this card. I'm glad my husband pushes my creativity!
You can find everything used to make this card on my website and while you're there, check out the deal of the day. Every day in June there's a new special! Thanks for stopping by!

You are Close to My Heart,

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Stacy said...

I would say "pretty" but since it is a guy card, I will say "cool" I love the muted colors!