Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crayon Resist

Well, I'm taking a break from garage sale cleaning to get ready for a workshop AND do Vacation Bible School. I'm always on the lookout for Kristina Werener's color challenges. In today's case it provided the last card I need for workshop this weekend :0)

This card uses a technique called Crayon Resist. It's really easy. You stamp your images in your base color, most likely black, and then take a white crayon and color everywhere that you don't want color. Then you sponge over your design with pouncing motions. Here I've added orange, watermelon and sunny yellow. They are not the "exact" colors for the challenge, but they're close. Once you have your color added you take a tissue and wipe off the color where it won't stick on the white crayon. Watch it pop! So cool! My downline Amber taught this at our last unit meeting. Check out her crayon resist card by clicking on her name.

The flower stamp is from Simple Blossoms and the message stamp is from Celebrate Life. If you have questions, let me know.
You are Close To My Heart,


Sherri said...

Cute card! ...and I love the sentiment!

Anonymous said...

Cute card! When I was trying to make mine for the challenge I was stumped. But I finally got one made. I wonder if Jo will come up with one?


Tamara said...

Really pretty! Nice job!

Shawntel said...

I love the crayon resist technique! These colors are beautiful with the technique! Very cute card!!

Lori said...

Fantastic technique to use with these colors!

Stacy said...

Very Pretty!! Is it for me? :0)

Kim said...

This cards is great! I love that technique and those colors are great!